Awards Time!


Congrats to all our students who got well earned awards today. We handed out our ‘Student of the Month’ ‘Basketball Athlete of the Month’ and ‘Fitness Athlete of the Month’ awards today.  




Fitness Athlete Awards went to, from left to right, Grant Wellman, Jahmir Payoute and Amira Pierre-Jerome.  




Basketball Athlete of the Month from left to right went to Simeon Wilcher, Jalen Munson and Jalen Robinson. 




Student of the Month (highest grades in one or more courses) went to from left to right, Michael Spisto, Shawn Spencer, Elijon Nix, Savion Jones, Elliot Cadeau, Jacob Hogarth, Austin Spencer  (missing Akil Watson and John Hopson)


Congrats to all nominees and award winners! 

Chris Chavannes